Not currently accepting any more woodenware orders for 2020. On the Blog page, use the Search feature in this header bar to find a topic.
Not currently accepting any more woodenware orders for 2020. On the Blog page, use the Search feature in this header bar to find a topic.
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"Thanks for your excellent message.  It's so great to see folks who are thinking the same way appearing online.  I think you'll knock it out of the park. There are so many people who are capable and willing to think independently of the corporate messaging of the industrial beekeeping power. More and more people are sensing it's all wrong for bees.  Seeing new working ideas like yours gives us all a voice."

[Regarding the shipping costs:] "...the quality is well worth it. Those pieces are beautiful!"

"I called the store where I get my supplies and told her I had purchased items from you, they actually want to see them. Thank you again so much."

"I like the way you incorporated lang frames [in the Bee Tree Hive].  Nice hybridization.  Very smart. I use langstroth style because I have to be mobile since I'm on rooftops.  They can be taken apart easily unlike a topbar. So keeping the lang frame means I can help out a Bee Tree Hive if I need to by adding a frame of honey or nectar from one of my other boxes.  Very smart."

"I see your hive as an excellent tool for chemical free beekeepers. It'll help create successes while sending a message!  I'm planning to get one for a showpiece at a downtown building who are supporting San Francisco pollinators by replacing all their outdoor landscaping with all-organic and native plants. This company really gets it and just won an award for being truly Green!  It's pretty great.  I'm trying to get the message out that pollinators are eating systemic poisons every day in commercial outdoor landscaping.  I'm fighting for their right to eat clean and diverse food.  It's a great thing to see this property management company stepping up to the plate and doing the real work."

"I love your beehive.  It looks beautiful.  May I add your site to my site and advertise you? I would put you under the heroes tag.  I think that's where you belong. You craft and your bee-centered beekeeping is the message that more need to hear and be aware of."

"I have a nonprofit bee sanctuary in Raleigh. I’d like to link to your page on our website and recommend your hives if you’re comfortable with that."

"Just wanted you to know that my hives seem better off with what I got from you. One hive hasn't covered the inside vents, not sure why it is a strong hive though so not really concerned about it right now. I've been plugging both your website and facebook site and hope it sends some business your way or at the very least educate some people. I thought of you today when I went to the supplier I use and realized you were correct in your assessment of her. She is not open to anything other then what she does. Shame, she could make a difference since she has a large customer base. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you again and I'm so happy I stumbled onto your site!"


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